User experience: how brands say “I love you” (or not)

Jack Blog

February 13th, 2013 By Jack Morton


It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and our thoughts turn to… the gifts our Valentines will give us, of course! 

Raise your hand if you want a box of chocolates from the drugstore. Or flowers from the corner deli. Or some other gift that says, “I didn’t think about you, I just chose this because it was easy and obvious.”

Right. None of us wants those kinds of gifts, right? We want to be treated to something that, however modest or simple, says “I’ve thought about you and what would make you happy. I’ve managed to surprise you and bring a smile to your face.”

Admittedly, I speak from a non-technical POV, but is that not what user experience, writ large, should be for brands?

Thinking about what their customers want , and building experiences that bring their brand to meet that need in ways that are authentic and unique?

So in honor of Valentine’s Day, brands, be good to your customers… no generic boxes of chocolate, no tired deli flowers! Be true… be brave!