May 24th, 2021

Includes new functionality that weaves together digital and IRL

BOSTON, MA – May 25th, 2021 – As COVID-19 restrictions lift across the world and live brand experiences restart, Jack Morton, the global brand experience agency, announced the launch of Jack ethos 2.0, the next version of its virtual experience platform. The update includes a complete package of hybrid experience enhancements to meet the needs of both in-person and virtual audiences.

The update allows brands to connect with virtual and live audiences, regardless of their location, to create a single seamless experience.

Launched in 2020, Jack ethos is an easy-to-use, highly customizable, integrated solution for use across various events such as media and influencer experiences, product launches, employee engagement activities, training sessions, and conferences. More than a technology platform, Jack ethos is a way to build a community and bring the spirit of a culture to life. Because at the heart of any virtual experience is the sense of community it creates, its ethos.

With this update, Jack ethos 2.0 can create a cohesive experience across both virtual and hybrid experience formats, meeting audiences where they are – on both mobile and desktop. All attendees can access chats, polls, documents and resources, agendas, and other content on the platform, regardless of whether they are in person or remote. The platform can also be used before, during, and after events to connect, kick-off, or extend the experience, allow access to fresh and historical content or drive engagement and jumpstart conversations.

“Right now, the excitement to get back to live experiences is palpable, but that won’t apply to everyone. We’re still going to have virtual audiences that will need to be digitally connected, and they shouldn’t be an afterthought”, said Mike Norman, SVP, head of product, Jack ethos at Jack Morton. “Two different audiences can have a shared experience, and brands shouldn’t have to prioritize between in-person and online attendees. With this new version of Jack ethos, you don’t have to.”

Jack ethos 2.0 also enhances networking by designating which participants attend an engagement virtually versus in-person. Attendees will have the option to opt-in to networking activities, increasing the opportunity to engage with others based on their location. Jack ethos 2.0 is also now equipped with features that improve the

experience for live audiences preserving bandwidth and limiting video streaming.  Frequently, attendees at live events struggle with poor Wi-Fi connections due to excessive bandwidth strains at venues. This new version ensures a high-quality experience without the concern of connectivity issues.

Jack ethos 2.0 also allows users to create GDPR compliant invitation and announcement emails, follow-ups, and reminders closer to the event. The platform also aggregates analytics from pre-event marketing, email campaigns, registration data, session attendance, video stream plays, attendee engagement, and on-demand in a familiar and easy-to-use dashboard. It delivers detailed audience behavior data to brands to shift content as needed to improve the experience, measure ROI, and drive optimal business results.

Coupled with the flawless execution services of Jack Morton, Jack ethos 2.0 delivers branded digital and hybrid experiences with features such as built in registration with attendee communication and support; fully dynamic agendas with time shifting; attendee engagement through chat, polling and moderated Q&A; analytics; seamless multimedia integration with podcasts, interactive video, digital assistants and XR worlds; simulcast streaming through providers to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and more; integration with leading video conference platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and WebEx.