Introducing the Desperados Dance Club

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August 23rd, 2023 By Jack Morton

Desperados collaborates with Jack Morton to introduce the latest dance-powered app and modular event toolkit to the party scene this summer

Building on the success of Rave to Save in 2022, Desperados committed to going bigger and better this year, aiming to create an even more welcoming and inclusive dancefloor environment for all.  

Two females, one in front knelt down laughing and smiling at the camera. She as dark hair pulled back into a low bun, long silver earrings, black worn leather jacket and grey trousers. The female behind is standing looking down, with long brown hair, black leather jacket and green and white checked midi skirts. Behind them is branded Desperados red walls with the words Dance Club in a lighter red.

Introducing the Desperados Dance Club; an app led community of rave lovers. The dance-powered app, updated with brand new functionality, encourages users to dance from anywhere at any time in order to earn rewards and raise cash for charity. The updated app aims to elevate consumer spirit whilst offering an unparalleled customer experience, backed by research which indicates the positive impact of dancing on mood and well-being. 

Man in a camo cap, orange glasses, grey t-shirt and black shorts doing a breakdancing move. He is holding one foot in the air and jumping off the ground wearing doc martin boots. He is surrounded by people cheering him on.

In addition to supporting Desperados with the Dance Club app, Jack Morton designed and curated the Desperados Dance Club Toolkit, a creative and technical event toolkit to help markets deliver and execute events across Europe, show up consistently and unify the Desperados Dance Club experience. The scalable toolkit includes 3D designs that help ensure inclusivity and accessibility at every event, such as a Recharge Lounge – a quiet space to refuel and recharge phones at busy events; a Support Desk – an information desk for water, ear plugs and advice on the event’s safe space policy; a Free Cloakroom – a secure area you can trust to look after your belongings; and an Inclusive Bar – a modular bar designed to ensure all guests are supported, with braille menus, low level bars and wheelchair access entry points. We created a formula that allows markets to work with local vendors and apply the accessible design considerations to any size event in any location. 

A group sitting on a stage having a panel discussion. On the left hand side are 4 females with microphones sitting and smiling, talking to each other and looking out off the stage. In front of them is a square table with drinks and Desperados bottles. To the right of them is a fifth person with a microphone and que cards. Behind them is a red lit wall with Desperados branded cube structures.

Our latest event touched down in Berlin, Germany at the Prince Charles venue. Jack Morton worked alongside the local event organizers to curate some of the inclusive build elements and cube structures. The event included a panel session discussing women in music, followed by music from local DJs such as MONEYAMA, Vans Ventura and Coco Calypso. We amplified the Dance Club app in which guests were encouraged to download and track their dance steps to win rewards and donations for charity.  

Man stood sideways to the camera drinking a bottle of Desperados. Man has dark hair tied into a bun with an orange bandana, orange sunglasses on and long silver earring. He has a white t shirt on with animation graphics printed.

We have a series of hero events in the pipeline for this summer in Barcelona and Amsterdam, setting the standard high for dancefloors around the world. When parties are safer and more accessible, people feel free to express themselves with Desperados. 

A large group of people dancing and laughing in a club setting. All holding Desperados bottles.


In collaboration with agencies WE ARE PI and vbrncy  

Images by Paula Schu