Asia Pacific BMSC Conference

Helping Marriott International 'Get Their Story On' | Employee Engagement Case Study

Helping Marriott International 'Get Their Story On'

To engage and align Marriott International’s sales and marketing associates in an inspiring way, we created their Asia Pacific BMSC conference’s key event ID ‘Get Your Story On’ and tagline ‘Shape It. Sell It. Share It.’, which became the driving force of the overall story arc and agenda of the conference. Jack worked with Marriott International to co-create the content and design of the conference around the event ID and tagline.

Jack engaged 350 associates, providing them with the tools and confidence to tell the Marriott story. A collection of post-event videos summarizing key messages from workshops were circulated to associates that were not able to attend, ensuring that they will also have the tools and learning to implement storytelling into their day-to-day.


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