Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Expo 2020 Dubai | Invest Saudi

International Saudi-focused investment conference

Expo 2020 Dubai | Invest Saudi

Leveraging the international ecosystem for an investment-focused experience around opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Across Expo 2020 Dubai, we were appointed as the lead creative programming and content partner + master calendarization partner for all Kingdom-related activities across the six-month mega-event As part of our remit, in conjunction with the KSA Pavilion and the Ministry of Investment we leveraged the international business ecosystem of Expo 2020 Dubai to develop and organize an investment-focused conference to increase awareness around Saudi investment opportunities, persuade investors of their viability and enhance existing relationships. The main conference with keynotes and panel discussions was followed by targeted sectorial breakout sessions in tourism & entertainment, human capital & innovation and information comms & technology, allowing attendees a deeper dive into areas of specific interest, and the opportunity to meet and network with stakeholders and other investors. The experience attracted over 350 attendees and was well received across the board.  

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