Charmin Van-GO

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Van-GO: The world’s first on-demand private mobile bathroom

Charmin Van-GO

We live in a world where we can get almost anything on-demand.

We live in a world where we can get almost anything on-demand. Anything except the one thing we need wherever we go — a clean, comfortable bathroom.  To address this common concern, we saw an opportunity to take Charmin’s brand promise of “Enjoy the go” and bring it to life in a never before seen way.

Introducing, Charmin Van-GO — the first-ever, on-demand private mobile bathroom. With just the click of a button within our custom Van-GO mobile app, we delivered clean, private bathrooms to people where they needed them most — New York City.


1.2 billion media impressions in 2 days

+73% PR recall over benchmarks

4x Mashable’s average share rate

The response was monumental. Not only did we achieve our goals for the brand, we surpassed them beyond what Charmin had ever experienced previously:

  • 9% lift in earned media coverage compared to similar previous efforts, including 51 original stories via The Today Show, Drudge Report, People, Yahoo! and many more
  • 73% higher Public Relations recall than historical brand benchmarks
  • 8% more efficient media metrics than historical brand benchmarks, leading to increased impressions and campaign reach
  • 3,000% increase in social impressions versus previous efforts, and Charmin shattered any competitive share of voice online

Van-GO proved to be best performing social campaign in the history of the brand. All of that made for a go that the brand – and consumers – found very enjoyable

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