CES Activations

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Leveraging Kodak’s rich brand heritage at CES

CES Activations

Since 2016, we’ve executed three successful CES events for Kodak.

Challenge and insight

In 2016, Jack Morton and Kodak began their work together. We were first tapped by Kodak to present a refreshed brand to consumers and media, and to help Kodak make new retail connections. Starting with drupa, the largest print exhibition in the world, we developed a creative idea that was strong enough to live beyond one event. It has influenced the development of the brand, and much to our delight, Kodak has used it on everything from brand posters and swag, to adopting its design principles for print and web.

Idea and experience

For the 2016 CES event — where major brands come to connect with top retailers — we needed to stand out from the crowd. We leveraged Kodak’s rich brand heritage and employed the creative idea that influenced drupa.

Our creative brand expression included 3D design and dressing, giving Kodak a new way to think about their physical presence. Its retro feel treatment complimented their analogue Super 8 camera, which was also unveiled at the event.


12.6K email sign-ups

2.6K positive email mentions

3 Best of Show awards

Since 2016, we’ve executed three successful CES events for Kodak.

CES 2016 saw great success:

  • Over 2,600 positive mentions in media articles
  • Dramatic growth across Kodak social channels ranging as high as +63%
  • Kodak won 3 Best of Show awards from major outlets
  • +12,600 consumers joined Kodak’s email database
  • #KodakCES2016 Instagram hashtag outperformed the official CES hashtag on day one

CES 2017 and 2018 were also a hit. The theme for 2017 was Kodak Studios, paying tribute to the theatre-vibe. And in 2018, we recreated the look and feel of Las Vegas, home to CES and the thousands of attendees it attracts each year.

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