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Magnum Classic Remix Arcade

A vibrantly colored arcade room is full of people interacting with the different games that are all Magnum branded. Prominently above the experience is a large neon sign that reads, “Classic Remix.”
Magnum Classic Remix Arcade

Magnum Classic Remix Arcade

Remixing iconic arcade games

Magnum is one of Singapore’s top favored ice cream brands, however Singaporeans have multiple favorite past times. We wanted to create an experience that disrupted an average product launch and creating a Singapore past time for our audiences.   

We surveyed real Singaporeans and discovered that game arcades continue to be a community for socialising and reliving nostalgia but most importantly, for the feeling of winning.   

Drawing on the cultural psyche audience insight of FOMO “kiasuness”, that drives Singaporean competitive spirit and addiction to the thrill of possibly winning big in 4D and Toto, we turned to one of the island’s most loved activities—after shopping and eating—where more than 81% of them spent time competitively – Gaming.  

We created the Magnum Classic Remix Arcade. Combining the best of arcades and digital gaming, we remixed two iconic arcade games and made them playable on mobile 24/7 for 1 month.  

We went even further and built a physical arcade where our audiences could visit and play in-person and spanned 360 integrated campaign touchpoints across PR, Influencers, ATL and Social. 


Over a period of 30 days, 7000 consumers in Singapore spent 1 hour 34 minutes on average per device, playing our mobile brand games online, and in person. Smashed benchmarks by 9x. 

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