Meta Connect 2023

Meta Connect 2023

Meta Connect 2023

Building excitement for the brand’s latest innovations.

This year’s Meta Connect was more than an event; it a pivotal chapter in Meta’s story. One designed to build interest and excitement for the metaverse, demonstrate their progress beyond common perceptions, and the goal to showcase how AI is transforming digital interactions across all of the brand’s platforms.

The live Keynote and Developer State of the Union sessions were witnessed by hundreds of in-person attendees and streamed globally with Meta hosting watch parties across offices worldwide. This brought a sense of unity, making the event accessible to every Meta enthusiast.

The immersive sessions and workshops were an interactive playground, where attendees explored the realms of MR, VR, AR, AI, and more. And strategically placed AR Opportunities, where Connect shapes came to life through QR codes, added a little magic across Classic Campus. The Q&A sessions added a personal touch, fostering a sense of community support.

The Quest 3 Product Demos allowed attendees hands-on trial offering a unique perspective on mixed reality experiences. The Ray-Ban I Meta Smart Glasses Demos transformed the Zen Garden into a playful mini-golf space, allowing everyone to experience the enhanced features firsthand with the guidance of our brand ambassadors. Lastly, the Avatar SWAG Store added a little personalization, letting guests print their own digital stickers as tangible memories. And Device Pre-Order options on campus ensured that attendees could take a piece of Meta innovation home.

Meta Connect 2023 broke records across the board, surprising and delighting audiences everywhere. Building excitement for the brand’s latest innovations.

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