MWC 2023

Ericsson MWC 2023

MWC 2023

A multi-sensorial, sustainable experience housed in a dome

How do you create a flagship experience at Mobile World Congress that showcases industry leadership in 5G and seamlessly combine meeting and networking spaces, technical demos, and hospitality?

You design a multi-sensorial, sustainable experience housed in a dome featuring immersive projection and functional spaces that allow participants to explore the exciting possibilities of the future.

For the 15th year, we partnered with Ericsson to create their flagship experience in Barcelona. This 6,000 sqm brand world showcased Ericsson’s leadership but was crafted with sustainability top of mind, so it was applied to design and execution. We used several thoughtful measures to reduce waste. Most of the physical build elements were refurbished and reused from the previous year, and stored locally in Barcelona or nearby Germany to minimize transport. Locally sourced furniture was rented, and a 45% reduction in wallpaper finishes was implemented. Additionally, single-use plastics were reduced, compostable packaging was used for food and beverages, and meeting room lighting and air conditioning were only operational when rooms were in use. ​

The experience was also designed to maximize opportunities for virtual participation, with live broadcast elements and a hybrid set-up on the demo floor, so Ericsson’s solutions could be experienced by an in-person and remote audience simultaneously.


Across four days, the experience attracted 8000 visitors and Ericsson leaders conducted a multitude of successful meetings.

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