Tall Tales

Nespresso tall tales
Bringing vertical format filmmaking to the international stage with Nespresso

Tall Tales


Nespresso needed to attract younger consumers to their brand. But the brand knew that connecting with them would require an authentic communications platform through channels and formats beyond where the brand had been before.

Nespresso had a longstanding relationship with film, but how could it translate the prestige and unattainability of Cannes Film Festival into an approachable and natively millennial brand experience?


Life – and film – no longer happen horizontally or linearly. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have introduced the dawning of a new age in craft and in film: the era of vertical video.

Some of the most memorable viral videos, our favorite memories and our most share-worthy snapshots have been shot vertically. And as a brand that has always redefined and revolutionized the way people consume, this was a uniquely Nespresso moment.


Tell us your Tall Tales. We issued a first-of-its-kind challenge to filmmakers across the world to: push the limits of vertical video to show the innovative and surprising possibilities of the format. Nespresso Talents — an annual international film contest, culminating at Cannes Film Festival, was born.


We started by commissioning and screening three influential, breakthrough directors to craft their own Tall Tales films, redefining modern film in the vertical format. We released these films for all to see at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival.

Then, we issued a call for submissions online to young filmmakers and to 16 of Europe’s leading film schools. The original trio of influential directors then became our panel of judges, who sifted through hundreds of entries to select the final winners. We debuted the winning films and hosted their creators at the Cannes Film Festival, through Nespresso’s sponsorship of the festival.


85 million impressions

99.7% net positive sentiment

1.7K press and influencer hits

The films that were created showed true innovation and, thanks to passionate engagement from the mainstream press, bloggers and film enthusiasts, sparked a broader conversation on the vertical format. Over 380 films from 38 countries were submitted… and Nespresso continued its tradition of redefining the crafting of extraordinary experiences again.

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