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AsiaPOP Comicon

The ambition was to dominate the event and become synonymous with AsiaPOP Comicon and its future events.

A year after launching in the Philippines, Netflix had 86% brand awareness, nearing saturation. But poor network infrastructure, piracy and local competitors were impeding the brand’s growth. The brand also needed to show get consumers excited to “see what’s next” with Netflix and that to open minds to new genres, proving that it had something for everyone and truly ‘gets’ the Filipino community.

With a long history of comic book fandom, comic book conventions were popular in the Philippines. But 2015 marked the first international “comic fan mecca” – AsiaPOP Comicon, so it was a great opportunity to reach die-hard fans and entrench Netflix in local popular culture.

We wanted to help Netflix become synonymous with AsiaPOP Comicon and to get people talking about drive conversion for tentpole titles. So, we designed an immersive portal to the imagination where fans could step into their favorite Netflix shows and ‘live’ as the characters they love in the stories that they adore, while also connecting them seamlessly to new content.

Through an interconnected labyrinth, fans fell seamlessly from one show into the next – allowing them to “See What’s Next”. Beginning at Netflix Square, fans saw exclusive trailers of upcoming shows, followed by Defender’s Street adorned with neon lit shopfronts from 5 different Netflix shows. Next, fans could immerse themselves in Byer’s living room (Stranger Things), the Litchfield Penitentiary (Orange is the New Black), and Pop’s Diner (Riverdale).


Netflix was the hit of AsiaPOP Comicon! Over 12,000 people walked through the experience. On social, we reached over 39M people. Brand mentions increased 29% during the event weekend and influencer posts achieved 454K engagements, generating over 900K video views.  And the media coverage was up more than 100%, really proving that Netflix in the Philippines had won the hearts of the community.

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