Showcasing how LEGO Education helps every learner become a confident learner


The goal was to showcase that through PLAY you can help children be educated in very specific skills in a fun way.


The China Educational Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) holds an annual gathering for companies in the industry to display their latest innovations. For the second consecutive year, we partnered with LEGO Education to showcase their latest products, the LEGO Education SPIKE™ Prime, at CEEIA.

LEGO is often seen as just a toy company to parents and the industry in China. So the LEGO Education department has a constant struggle in persuading educational institutes and buyers of educational products to believe in LEGO as a learning tool to be part of educational curriculums.


The LEGO SPIKE Prime robotics kit is designed to introduce younger, middle school-aged students to robotics, engineering, and coding in a way that’s simple and goal-oriented. It’s a new product to China that touches all of the current hot topics with Chinese kids schooling – especially in giving children specific skillsets through play. Parents and teachers in China don’t often empower children to PLAY with toys, with a strong focus on education. So LEGO is merging the two, as a way to help children learn through PLAY.


The LEGO Education confidence lab. The idea was to show educational institutes and buyers that you can empower children through PLAY and give them the tools, skills and the confidence to grow and be educated as individuals.


We designed interactive exhibits and new product training workshops so LEGO Education retailers could experience first-hand how LEGO Education SPIKE Prime can help students of any level:

  • Learn to think critically
  • Analyze data
  • Solve real-world problems
  • And have fun doing it!

The interactive exhibits were designed specifically for students of different ages. Primary students had the opportunity to create programs for simple movements, and more advanced students could participate in the “hopper race” where they wrote their own program using the new SPIKE Prime kit to win the race.

Guests underwent the same step-by-step building process as future students, experiencing for themselves how in the STEAM fields, LEGO Education SPIKE Prime helps every learner become a confident learner.


The first days of the event were attended by government, educational institutions and education buyers. The goal was to showcase that through PLAY you can help children be educated in very specific skills in a fun way.

It was the first appearance of the new SPIKE Prime kit, which launched earlier in the month, so the KPI around the event was to spread awareness and to get people to know about SPIKE Prime.

The look and feel of the lab worked – drawing 3,000 visitors into the booth and creating 450 potential new leads to purchase the kits from the local ministry of education and local education buyers – both new and existing partners of LEGO Education. A side-product of the look and feel of the booth meant that there were over 2 million impressions on social media during the event.

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