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Tootsie’s Front Porch – NFL Draft

Embodying the NFL Network‘s presence in Nashville for the 2019 draft, “Tootsie’s Front Porch”, stood out on a street known for spectacle.

Tasked with the need for an elevated broadcast structure, our design took the classic honkytonk bar, Tootsie’s, and extended it into the bustling street of Broadway.

Our set became a beacon of the NFL’s arrival – transforming a structure that typically becomes an impediment to passersby, and turning it into a welcome sign. By extending Tootsie’s, we expanded perceptions of the NFL brand, shining a spotlight on Nashville and the NFL.


Tootsie’s Front Porch set was viewed by hundreds of thousands and made the NFL Network the talk of the town, receiving praise from locals, visitors, city officials, Tootsie’s owner and the media.

“Simply put, the design team and Filmwerks created the best set I’ve seen since we’ve been doing the Draft. They truly captured the flavor of Tootsie’s, including creating renderings of the purple brick to match it perfectly. And all the famous details — hanging pictures, lots of guitars, signing the wall — all of that’s in there. The level of detail is just amazing. Tootsie’s is so happy with it and they’ve been phenomenal to work with. It’s the focal point of our [presence], and we couldn’t be happier with it.”

– Dave Shaw, VP Production, NFL Media

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