Your Voice Transforms

Siemens Your Voice Transforms

Your Voice Transforms

Visitors could see their voices transformed into colorful, 3D patterns on a central installation

Siemens is one of the world’s foremost technology companies, but they’re typically considered an old-school manufacturer of hardware – not of innovative software. At Web Summit 2021, we brought Siemens’ new brand promise – ‘Transform the Everyday’ – to life: challenging misperceptions, whilst celebrating the power of technology to transform absolutely anything in a way that was more human and less business-as-usual.

‘Your Voice Transforms’ used generative software to reimagine individual voices into unique works of digital art in real-time. Speaking into ‘sonic cones’ at Siemens’ partner stand, visitors could see their voices transformed into colorful, 3D patterns on a central installation. Continuously reacting as they spoke, visitors’ voice art could combine, driving collaboration and engagement. Visitors could also take away or share an animated GIF of their artwork by scanning a QR code.

With 3,512 voices transformed, the installation generated a 56% share of buzz at Web Summit 2021 relative to Siemens’ Top 4 competitors and secured 92% higher organic vs. secured PR coverage. In giving every visitor a novel way to transform something they use every day into something beautiful, we cast new light on Siemens’ brand promise – driving love for them as a human brand and focused technology company connecting the real and digital worlds.


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