This virtual panel and experience explores the mega trend of the metaverse. Hear from creators, explorers, and innovators who dive into what brands should consider when building metaverse experiences.

Joining moderator Damian Ferrar are the following panelists:

  • Damien Baines is the award-winning Experiential Marketing Lead for Instagram at Meta. His experiences at major global business marketing moments such as Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, CES and more are powerful creations led by cultural movement and guided by the notion that ‘experience is all there is’
  • Chris Roberts is the director of experiential marketing at Activision. His passion for events, storytelling and creating meaningful connections stem from growing up in a military family and having to rebuild his community every few years when they moved. He has led artist relations and events for VICE Media, was part of Red Bull’s Global Music Projects and a festival director at SXSW.
  • Cortney Harding, an accomplished author and innovator, is the Founder and CEO of Friends with Holograms where she is on a singular mission to help people leverage the metaverse for social impact. She has created pioneering VR training pieces around issues such as mental health and racial bias for Walmart, PWC, Amazon, Target, and more.
  • Ryan Peterson is the vice president of accelerate solutions at Unity Technologies where he leads the professional services practice in games and verticals, helping transform industry through the adoption of real time 3D in their digital transformation. He founded Finger Food Advanced Technology Group, which was acquired by Unity in 2020.
  • Luca Shiefer is a strategic product designer for JOURNEE: The Metaverse Company where she works at the intersection of experience design, technology and business. She is helping to build the world’s highest quality metaverse infrastructure and delivering it for companies such as BMW, Vogue Business and adidas.