CES 2024: A Glimpse into Tomorrow’s Immersive & Purposeful Tech Landscape

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January 17th, 2024 By Damian Ferrar

The 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) wasn’t just an amazing display of fantastical gadgets; it was a window into a future where technology seamlessly integrates with our lives, pushing boundaries and tackling real-world challenges. What stood out was the massive reduction of time it takes for concepts and prototypes to become a reality. For example, Supernal (Hyundai’s advanced air mobility wing) launched the S-A2 eVTOL air taxi, which they aim to launch commercially as early as 2028. Below are five key themes that resonated, each an example of the transformative power of experience innovation.

  1. Immersive brand experiences Gone are the days of static product displays. CES 2024 was a masterclass in brand experience. Tech giants Hyundai, Samsung, LG, Netflix, Google, and Sony curated beautifully designed, immersive experiences. These technology and content-fueled showcases weren’t merely marketing stunts; they foreshadowed a future where brands connect with consumers on a deeper, emotional level to achieve mutual value exchange. These aren’t just product showcases; they’re portals into new worlds, redefining how brands connect and engage with consumers. Korean high-performance Semiconductor brand SK should get an honorable mention for their magical “Wonderland” – a playful carnival-like space that attracted a huge amount of attraction for their train and magic carpet rides.
  2. AI for a better tomorrow CES 2024 wasn’t just about fancy robots. It showcased AI with a purpose, one that tackles real-world challenges. AI-powered robots promising safer, more efficient construction stole the show. The spotlight also shone on agricultural automation and personal autonomous transport, with vehicles like LG’s “C2 Pod” hinting at a future where AI navigates our everyday journeys.
  3. The transparency trend Transparent screens weren’t just a gimmick; they represented a paradigm shift in how we consume brand stories. Both Samsung and LG demonstrated their latest transparent screen technology, which blurred the boundaries between screens and surfaces, turning windows into portals to digital worlds. This technology holds immense potential for smart homes, transportation, and even retail, promising seamless physical and digital integration.
  4. Storytelling Content reimagined. CES 2024 was a canvas for epic narratives told on huge screens. Samsung’s “The Wall” and LG’s “Direct View LED” displays transformed entire walls into breathtaking digital tapestries, showcasing the power of content to captivate, inspire and immerse on a monumental scale. This trend hints at a future where spaces and structures become dynamic storytellers, shaping urban landscapes and enriching experiences.
  5. Seeing is believing Innovation gets personal, impactful, and effective from Rolling AI Buddies to holograms. Here are a few key products that cut through the clutter:
    • Holobox: Holoconnects showcased its AI-powered holographic solution, Holobox. Like a phone booth, the box can display a full-sized holographic rendering of the person you are talking to with nearly no latency, making it feel like a normal conversation.
    • Rabbit R1: Rabbit introduced the R1. It has a small 2.88-inch touchscreen that runs on the company’s own Rabbit OS. It uses a “Large Action Model” that works as an ubiquitous controller for apps. This allows you to play music, buy groceries, and send messages through a single interface without using your phone.
    • Xreal Air 2: The Xreal Air 2 glasses are AR smart specs that deliver crystal clear visuals in a comfortable-to-wear and sleek form factor. The new Ultra model includes cameras to facilitate spatial computing. Users can interact with real-world elements to navigate content or use hand-tracking technology to turn gestures into controls.
    • AX VISIO: Swarovski Optik has collaborated with designer Marc Newson to design the world’s first AI-supported binoculars that can detect and identify more than 9,000 birds and other wildlife at the touch of a button.
    • Samsung Ballie: Ballie isn’t just your average smart home assistant. It’s a rolling AI companion meant to seamlessly integrate into your life, offering assistance, entertainment, and companionship.
    • Apple: On Monday, just before a string of CES keynotes, Apple announced its Vision Pro headset would launch in February. They won the CES headset game without showing up.

CES 2024 wasn’t just about technology; it was about possibility. It offered a glimpse into a future where immersive experiences connect us emotionally, AI shapes a better world, and the boundaries between real and virtual dissolve. CES 2024 painted a captivating portrait of a future where technology and content actively shape the human experience.

The question isn’t if this future will arrive, but how we’ll choose to navigate it.