Connecting Every Consumer Touchpoint to Deliver a More Personalized Experience

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January 23rd, 2019 By Damian Ferrar

Telling a consistent and emotionally powerful brand story across multiple consumer touchpoints is key to becoming (or remaining) the automatic first choice for your customers.

Marketing spend on brand experiences continues to rise year-on-year. And yet, according to our Experience Brand Index, which comprises of research spanning 6,000 people and three continents, only 41% of US consumers believe brands are living up to their promise.

The most successful brands are experience brands that see touch points as proof points, boasting a 200% higher NPS score and a 25% increase in customer loyalty. ‘Connected’ is about joining the dots to create compelling, consistent and continuous experiences across your brand ecosystem.

Consumer Touchpoint

Photo by michael podger on Unsplash 

Shift 1 / Joining the consumer touchpoint dots

The world of brand experience has often been siloed from other marketing channels and touchpoints, which can make it difficult to accurately measure the impact of brand experience on sales. With every touchpoint now being referred to as a ‘brand experience’, brands are joining the dots to create integrated campaigns. We predict that marketing channels will become increasingly connected, enabling brands to develop a more holistic understanding of how their channels influence both their audiences and one another.

Shift 2 / Reaching new audiences

Live experience is being democratized, and advances in technology mean that events that were once ‘invite only’ can now be experienced by millions of people that aren’t physically in the room. Our ideas of what it means to be ‘present’ are shifting, with the best remote experiences actively adding to the experience — by providing backstage access, exclusive content, or a perspective not available to those who are physically ‘there’. In addition to this, live experiences are becoming a ‘content factories’ that can feed numerous channels for a sustained period, greatly extending the lifespan, value and reach of a single event.

Shift 3 / Turn your brand into the experience

Data, content and technology mean that each touchpoint can allow consumers to dive deeper than ever into your brand, and to also have an active role in shaping your brand story. This mutual relationship creates a strong emotional bond in audiences who feel like they have a stake in the brand’s ever-evolving story.


The rise of the CXO gives focus on the need to extend your brand in a compelling, consistent and continuous way across your experience ecosystem. Our understanding of brand experience has transformed in recent years, from ‘live’ events to a connected ecosystem that delivers a personalized experience of your brand promise at every touchpoint.