MWC 2024: Connecting the future

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March 5th, 2024 By Jack Morton

A crowd of people stand around a silver robot dog on a small display stage inside Mobile World Congress 2024. MWC 2024 was a thrilling glimpse into the future of connectivity, attracting over 93,000 attendees from nearly 200 countries. This diverse audience, comprised of CEOs, CTOs, and industry leaders, came together to explore the latest advancements in what the event organizers aptly named, “the connectivity ecosystem.”

Beyond the excitement of cutting-edge technology, MWC Barcelona set a new standard for sustainability, becoming the world’s largest carbon-neutral event of its kind for 10 consecutive years. This commitment to environmental responsibility reflects the evolving priorities within the industry. With over 2,400 exhibitors spread across a massive 250,000 square meters, MWC 2024 served as a vibrant hub for innovation and collaboration.

Our team was on the ground and shared insights on standout innovations and what brand experiences need to deliver to be successful:

Damian Ferrar, SVP, Innovation Director, Global Head of Jack X:

Brand experience at MWC

MWC is sharply focused on the near future, drawing a predominantly C-suite audience seeking partners for business growth. The emphasis lies on product, services, and deal-making rather than brand understanding. Many meetings are pre-arranged, necessitating a design that accommodates this.

In the telecom industry, where constant evolution and diversification are the norm, effective communication of changing narratives to customers is crucial.

Brand experiences at MWC must serve three key purposes: attract and engage, showcase products and services, and facilitate deal-making in a private, collaborative space away from the main show floor.

At the forefront of the event were standout products like Honor’s Magic V2 foldable, Motorola’s concept bendable phone, and Samsung’s Rollable Flex.

Battery innovation, highlighted by silicon-carbon technology, promised greater power and longevity than traditional lithium-ion batteries.

In wearables, Lenovo’s Project Crystal transparent laptop and Samsung’s Galaxy Ring smart ring garnered attention, alongside Humane’s AI Pin.

Mobility solutions also shone, with SK Telecom’s Air Taxi and Xiaomi’s SU7 EV boasting impressive acceleration and a potential range of over 700 miles.

The future is here, and it’s faster, smarter, and more connected than ever before.

Experience takeaway: Successful brands at MWC curate multi-layered brand experiences to shift from attention to intention, demanding a three-pronged approach to brand experience.

Attention: Capture attention and share key messages.
Engagement: Showcase products and provide opportunities for interaction.
Intention: Create space for collaboration and business deals.

Matt Derham, Experience Director at Jack X:

As anticipated, MWC 2024 was buzzing with energy as brands, big and small, vied for the attention of attendees. With AI taking centre stage and the showcasing of LLM-powered humanoids, robot baristas, and AI-enabled personal assistants, this year’s congress not only underscored the future of innovation but also reflected our evolving attitudes towards artificial intelligence, prompting a deeper exploration of our relationship with technology.

With brands such as Samsung and SK Telecom leading the charge, those that captivated audiences and drew the largest crowds were those skilled at integrating three key components; considered design, compelling narratives and interactive experiences. We are inherently drawn to emotionally resonant, hands-on engagements – brands that excelled in this fusion connected with their audience on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impression.

Experience takeaway: Brands can benefit from adopting strategies from the world of immersive experiences; focusing on their abilities to world build, guide and craft narratives to immerse attendees. By telling stories, brands leave an indelible mark – capturing attention, strengthening brand loyalty, and fostering meaningful engagement with their audience.