6 seductive insights from day 1 at eurobest

Jack Blog

December 3rd, 2015 By Jack Morton

  1. “What a load of Bouquet Garbage.” Following this year’s eurobest theme – Makers and Breakers – Wesley West and his magnificent moustache started the first day of his week-long workshop, up-cycling the festivals rubbish into flower bouquets, as a gift to Antwerp City Hall. His hands-on session got the eurobest visitors making weird and wondrous creations, showing us that by making, you can free your mind and revisit the simplest form of creativity.



  2. “To the iPad generation, print is just a broken touchscreen.” In her inspiring talk, Dr. Kate Stone put forward the notion that the future is actually the past, and that increasingly we will begin to see print and physical media as a tangible portal into the digital world. This portal is more than the current paradigm of the QR code, as the Internet of Things and hacker (breaker) culture will see us start to subvert media, as she demonstrated by making an electronic piano from a sheet of A4 paper.



  3. “If you want to change behaviour start with an action.” Man is not a rational animal, it is the rationalising animal. Man’s post-rationalisation of our largely emotional decision-making is a well discussed industry topic currently. Yet, as marketers, we traditionally try to get people to think, then feel, and then do. But by reversing this process and starting with an act, we can make people feel first and then think emotionally – thus changing behaviour – as this interactive poster for the relief organisation Misereor shows.


  4. “Humour is more important to a creative brief than reverence.” Traditionally humour is left at the door when real work is to be done, but by harnessing humour for the right brief, we can really engage audiences and gain cut-through. In fact, it is only when you are able to make a joke around a brief that it means you truly understand it, since this requires a certain depth of knowledge and insight.



  5. “Code is the clay of the 21st century.” As the second decade of the 21st century matures, coding and technology have evolved to become creative crafts in themselves. And now rather than the idea determining the craft, the craft is begetting the idea once again.



  6. “To inspire action: Make it motivating. Make it emotional. Make it easy.” Encouraging viewers to break all fashion taboos, the idea behind this film was simple: H&M wanted to “Close the loop” – asking customers to bring old clothes in-store to be recycled, re-used, and turned into something new. The simplest things are often the most inspiring, and as this campaign for H&M shows, tapping into real life and problems we all encounter creates a natural emotional connection – and charges us to act.