Cannes Lions: Forget euros, experience is the real currency of Cannes

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June 28th, 2016 By Jack Morton

Cannes Lions: Forget euros, experience is the real currency of Cannes

Cannes used to be simple: The advertising agencies took the glory, the media agencies took the respect (and money) and the clients were taken out on the yachts. Now everyone is in Cannes–every type of agency, all disciplines doing great work, with interesting perspectives.

However, with this raft of different agencies, there was one constant that kept coming up. That constant was experience. You had agencies of all disciplines, from advertising through to digital agencies calling themselves brand experience agencies. Agencies which were talking about the importance of providing experiences to their audiences across channels. And if there was one thing that stood out in Cannes 2016, it was the game-changing emergence of VR, which is putting experience right at the heart of this technological revolution.

And this emphasis on experience is great for Jack. We’ve always believed in the power of experience to connect brands to the people who matter most to them–it’s nice that the rest of the industry is finally starting to catch up. But Jack has been a brand experience agency for 76 years, and as the industry becomes experience led, Jack will be where it’s always been, leading the way by creating extraordinary experiences.

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