Cannes Lions: How VR can enhance brand experience

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June 24th, 2016 By Jack Morton

Cannes Lions: How VR can enhance brand experience | Jack Morton Worldwide

Brand experience is once again the buzzword at Cannes. If I received a Euro for every time someone used the term “brand experience,” I could have kept us all in rosé for the week.

And this means there’s lively discussion around all aspects of its application – not least, of course, how to meaningfully enhance it using new technology. Tech innovations continue to open up new areas of opportunity for creatives, artists, designers, film makers and storytellers. But these technologies must focus on enhancing human-centric stories, which are at the heart of powerful experiences.

One of the most powerful demonstrations at Cannes of using technology to enhance experience was a VR film created for Charity: Water’s black tie gala in New York. Donors were given VR headsets and could watch a 360-degree film documenting a week in the life of a 13-year-old girl, Selam, and her family, who were getting clean water for the first time. This 360-degree story stirred empathy, action and immersed donors into the story. The result? Donors committed to giving $2.4 million, doubling efforts from the prior year.

An extraordinary piece of work that turned a story into a powerful experience and meaningful action.

he best of brand experience at Cannes Lions | Jack Morton