How a Stuffed Giraffe Created Immeasurable Goodwill

Jack Blog

July 6th, 2012 By Jack Morton


For those of us who had stuffed animals when we were kids (or who might still have them…*cough**cough*), we all can relate to this story.  Upon returning from vacation, a young boy realized he left his beloved, stuffed giraffe, “Joshie,” at the hotel.  Needless to say, he was distraught and his parents didn’t know what to do. To get him to sleep, the boy’s dad fibbed and said that Joshie was taking an “extra long vacation.” Thankfully, the Loss Prevention Team at the Ritz-Carlton where the family was staying called that night to say they had recovered Joshie. The father explained the situation to the team and asked if they could take a picture of Joshie by the pool to validate his story. They agreed and said the animal would be shipped home soon.

Fast-forward four days. Not only was Joshie expressed shipped home, he was accompanied by some Ritz-Carlton swag and a complete photo album that documented his extended stay. In addition to Joshie being photographed by the pool, there were photos of him at the spa, hanging out with other stuffed and real animals, driving a golf cart, and working a shift in the loss prevention office. He even had his ID badge with him! Talk about an extended stay (click here to see all the photos).

The Ritz-Carlton has once again proved why other companies strive to be the “Ritz-Carlton” of their industry. Regardless if you’re physically staying at one of their properties, every interaction you have with them is an experience. Like the boy’s dad said, the hotel created an experience so amazing that he (and I) cannot help but tell others. Next time when my plans call for travel, you better believe I’ll be looking into the Ritz!