Jack Morton challenges big data

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March 2nd, 2016 By Jack Morton

How can seemingly insignificant behavioral observations point us toward huge insights about human desires and unmet needs?

Jack Morton is partnering with Martin Lindstrom, international best-selling author and brand futurist, on the launch of his new book, Small Data. Together, we’re leading the small-data revolution, challenging the dominance of big-data thinking and spreading the word on how insights gleaned from tiny clues can uncover huge trends and drive big change for brands.

At Jack Morton, we champion extraordinary experiences, but these experiences don’t develop on their own—they derive from brave ideas that come from powerful insights. Through this exclusive partnership, we’ll be infusing approaches from Small Data into our planning process, enabling our strategists to uncover deep human insights and develop the most compelling brand experiences for our clients. Watch how a small data mindset helped inspire our recent work with Chevrolet.

In the weeks to come, we’ll be hosting events in our New York, San Francisco, London, Sydney, and Shanghai offices, featuring Martin alongside Jack’s creative and strategy stars and industry leaders. Keep an eye on our blog, and follow us on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for exclusive video footage of these events and information about how you can use the power of small data to drive positive outcomes for your brand.

Learn about how small data can lead to breakthrough ideas that transform brands in our white paper, Why marketers should think small before going big.