What’s missing from your experience tech strategy?

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January 25th, 2017 By Jens Mayer

This deck was originally presented at EuBea 2016, the International Festival of Events and Live Communication.

The relationship between events and technology is a subject of much debate and experimentation; clients are asking for the latest technology and our industry has a rich heritage when it comes to harnessing new and innovative technologies to create ever more impressive, immersive and interactive experiences.

But we risk using it for its own sake, forgetting that it is great ideas – not great technologies – that engage audiences and deliver effective results for brands. So technology can be a great enabler, but it can’t create a great experience on its own.

For most content marketers, sourcing or creating content is their biggest challenge. In our industry, however, we have always been creating killer content. It’s just that we often haven’t had a strategy to share it or to target it as a marketing tool.

Learn more about the importance of combining a digital and non digital strategy and about four Experience Principles:

  1. Be human
  2. Be useful
  3. Invite participation
  4. Build community