Jack Morton Shanghai: Jack wears many hats

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September 19th, 2016 By Jack Morton


At Jack Morton Worldwide, we’re proud to champion diversity and inclusion. Across our global agency, our offices are participating in IAMJACK, an initiative that celebrates individuality and acceptance through engaging events.

Here’s what one of our interns, Adrian Masson, had to say about our IAMJACK event at Jack Morton Shanghai:

I AM JACK events are taking place in every Jack Morton office to promote Diversity and Inclusion. After seeing many creative ideas
from other offices, such as everyone wearing the same colors for a week in Hong Kong, sharing dishes from around the world in London and creating a summer music playlist in New York, it was now our turn to show what the Shanghai office was capable of. It was time to showcase our own point of view on Diversity & Inclusion.

At Jack Morton Shanghai, we wanted to make Diversity & Inclusion visible with a very simple object: A hat.

Working at Jack Morton requires [the ability to adapt], as our open structure leads us to wear many different hats everyday. What makes us different is
our capacity to strike a balance. We wear the creative hat, rational hat, dreaming hat, realist hat, adventurous hat, classical hat—but our holy grail remains the extraordinary hat.

At the same time, our different origins, cultures, habits and interests are beautifully illustrated by the variety of hats we all selected.

Our different origins, cultures, habits and interests are beautifully illustrated by the variety of hats we all selected.

We took a moment during Camp Jack, our employee engagement event in Ningbo, during which each person wore a hat that illustrated their personality in the most accurate way. We kicked off the activity with a speech explaining the importance of D&I and the meaning of our different hats in relationship to Jack Morton. Then everyone was encouraged to put a heart sticker on their favorite hat and to tag people’s hats with talent cards such as “most creative”, “has the best jokes” or “can’t live without a challenge.” This was a fantastic opportunity to share a fun experience and celebrate our individuality. And most of all, it made for a highly creative team photo that showed our unique corporate culture.


Jack Morton Shanghai’s IAMJACK event finished with a speech from our two winners:

– Mark Masterson, our Creative Director, obtained the most hearts with his black queen-inspired hat (see below)
– Kelvin Tong, our Technical Director, earned the “largest amount of talent” card

Among the most successful and original hats were Nadia Villaverde’s Mexican hat, which held crisps for everyone to share, as well as Evie Loo’s cycling hat and the creative team’s homemade rainbow paper hats.


Thanks to everyone, Jack Morton Shanghai traveled around the world in 33 hats.

—Adrian Masson