Sustainable|Jack and Reporting: Getting Better

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October 15th, 2014 By Jack Morton

As we conclude our series on how we are disclosing our sustainability performance through CDP reporting, the last but perhaps most important step to this process is how we will improve.

 The experts at Measurabl provided us with valuable guidance and strategies on how we can better position ourselves for 2015. Our primary focus remains on our data collection. As we do not get direct access to the majority of our consumption, we will continue to work with our parent company and landlords to collect as much data as possible. In areas where we were unable to get data, Measurabl was able to guide us through GHG Protocol best practices on how to best determine an estimate for the buildings we occupy. That guidance saved us countless hours and the risk of estimating our emissions improperly.

 We now know that there is a big emphasis around strategy and goals in CDP, topics that Jack needs to address. As we worked towards a clearer understanding of our consumption, the next step in being a good corporate citizen is developing a set of goals and strategies to reduce our environmental footprint. This will be a priority for us in 2015.

 Jack Morton looks forward to continuing this journey towards sustainability reporting in partnership with Measurabl. With our historical data and company profile already set up in Measurabl (much like my personal tax information in TurboTax!), our upcoming reporting process will be seamless and easy, allowing my team more bandwidth to implement the programs and improvements that will make our sustainability program successful.