Sustainable|Jack and Reporting: Getting Started

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May 5th, 2014 By Jack Morton

Given our large, global footprint and cadre of high profile clients, the importance of being a sustainable company is now more important than ever. Jack Morton is continuing to advance its sustainability program, with reporting now a core area of focus. That is why we are excited to announce the beginning of a journey to report our sustainability performance to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) through a partnership with sustainability reporting startup Measurabl.

 CDP is an international, nonprofit organization that administers the dominant global standard for how organizations and cities disclose environmental information, particularly carbon emissions. It is considered to be the most credible rating by sustainability experts and is used by thousands of companies and investors, thus representing a good starting point for Jack Morton to benchmark its performance.

 While reporting on our sustainability performance at Jack Morton represents a great opportunity, it also has some challenges. Reporting on sustainability has its challenges. Collecting accurate energy, carbon, water, and waste data from all of our global offices and operations — and then formatting it to meets the information needs of CDP — is just the first step. As we are the tenant or subtenant in many of our spaces, getting that data is quite a large step. 

 We have partnered with Measurabl because they give us an opportunity to be part of the story of their ground-breaking software and mission to make sustainability reporting easy, accurate and affordable. We are the first agency that they have signed on, but we join a select club of early adopters for CDP reporting that include VMware and Intuit. As with all early adopter programs, our partnership will be a work in progress with the goal that we become known as a leading advocate and proponent in the growth of sustainably conscious and transparent organizations.

 We look forward to understanding where we are now and how far we can go!