Jack X Videos

One of the basic pillars upon which Jack X rests is the idea that collaboration and education are key to identifying the technology of tomorrow and its application to brand experience.

Here is a collection of interesting video clips from some of our Jack X events and partner meetings. Be sure to check back often as we will be adding new videos to this library often.

Introducing Jack X

Our launch video

Is VR Marketing Dead?

 In this clip, Christophe Mallet from Somewhere Else speaks at a recent Jack X Breakfast on the topic of “Is VR Marketing Dead?”

Data visualization is a way to capture the complexity of the world

Signal Noise, part of the Economist Group, reinvents how people experience data. To talk in more detail about her experience in working with data as a material to create narrative, products and solutions, Valentina D’Efilippo, Creative Director and Information Designer, stopped by Jack Morton’s London office for a Jack X breakfast session.

Blippar, Augmented Reality and Indoor Visual Positioning

Blippar, a leading technology company that specializes in Augmented Reality (AR), has been helping brands, agencies and retailers create AR experiences since 2011. They stopped by Jack Morton’s London office to speak at a Jack X breakfast and shared their newest technology – Indoor visual positioning – which is used to create enhanced location-based AR experiences. With fifty thousand people using their toolkit across the globe to create their own AR solutions, Blippar is advancing the way consumers interact with brands.

Using design and technology to create memorable brand experiences

David Hirschmann, founder of Hirsch & Mann – a design and technology agency with a mission to create memorable experiences for brands – stopped by Jack Morton for a Jack X breakfast session. David shares a few examples of brands truly standing out through use of next-level creative technology.