Cannes guide to buzzwords

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July 15th, 2015 By Jack Morton

Jack’s team on the ground at the Cannes Lions festival gave two presentations, and spent the week soaking up, not just sun and rosé, but trends and ideas from some of the world’s leaders in marketing and creativity.

And buzzwords…lots of buzzwords.

Didn’t make it to Cannes? No time to plow through the myriad of reports and figure out if any of it matters? No problem! Now that we’re back, we’ve looked behind these trends and buzzwords and analyzed what they actually mean for marketers and the world of brand experience so you don’t have to.

From ways to connect with increasingly wary audiences to the power of cultural insights, these ideas are the backbone shaping some of the most effective marketing campaigns.

Read our white paper, and see how the trends we gathered in Cannes can transform your marketing.