Celebrating diversity through inclusivity and community

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April 22nd, 2020 By Jack Morton

As we acknowledge diversity month, this year, the literal definition of diversity feels a lot more real for so many of us around the globe.

Our lives over the last few weeks, and even months, now look different. And no matter who we are – gender, race, ethnicity, creed, sexuality – or where we live, we are impacted by a greater force. A force so profound that it’s created a “new normal” and shifted how we connect.

But – people are a strong, collective force.  As we find new ways to connect and learn from one another, we will prove that together, we are more than what defines us. We are a diverse, inclusive and powerful energy of people. At work and in our communities.

During this month, our many Jack offices are celebrating diversity and inclusivity in a variety of ways – remembering self-quarantine and social distancing is especially hard for many. And that despite our differences, we all need companionship, friendship, and communities. Even if those are virtual.

Staying connected despite distancing
Our global DEI Council is sharing resources and tips for all staff to manage the current COVID-19 situation. From coping with stress, to learning how to talk to children about the situation, to tips for working from home.

The council is also sharing videos on inclusivity. The Naked Heart Foundation’s #BornInclusive video is a heartfelt reminder of the power of innocence, illustrating how younger children have no inherent bias. A lesson we all can learn from.

In New York, London, and Boston, we’re hosting lunch & learns, conducting virtual happy hours with gamification elements (Pictionary, pub quizzes, and charades!) and sharing wellness tips, doing chair yoga and meditating. London brought back Balance Your Inner Orange and its local mental health champions started a Microsoft Teams channel with content designed to keep everyone feeling positive. In Germany, a member of the account team is teaching online exercise classes three times a week for colleagues and their families to gather and enjoy a workout together.

In Detroit, employee groups focused on DEI and culture launched a dedicated Jack Detroit @ Home Teams channel to share content on a variety of topics, including virtual versions of their monthly Join Jack discussions. Employees are also hosting live workouts, courtesy of in-house exercise instructors, and they’re sharing lighthearted activities like “Quarantine Tag” where employees give a quick snapshot of life at home and then tag three coworkers to do the same.

Our friends at Genuine are also staying connected, while giving back! They held a best work from home (WFH) set up contest – voted on by their peers with the winner walking way with a prize and a donation to their charity of choice.

Learning a greater lesson
Life as we knew it changed. And our lives, no matter where we are in the world, look different right now. But through it all, we continue to support each other and our clients. We stay committed to our work, maintaining a sense of community and inclusiveness despite our geographical distances.

“Together, we are stronger than any one of us.” – Jack Morton