Jack Morton Helps P&G Tell Story of Clean Drinking Water in Myanmar


June 18th, 2013

Global brand experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide helped Procter and Gamble (P&G) spotlight their efforts to combat the global water crisis at a media conference held in Myanmar. International and local media, P&G partners and local government officials in Myanmar came together to celebrate P&G’s delivery of  six billion liters of clean drinking water globally, with the six billionth liter presented to the people of Myanmar.  This celebration also marked a key milestone in P&G’s commitment made at the Clinton Global Initiative, to deliver two billion liters of clean drinking water every year to communities in need around the world and to save one life every hour.

Jack Morton was responsible for creating an experience that best illustrated P&G’s efforts to alleviate the global water crisis through its Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, and showcase the far-reaching impact of clean drinking water on the Myanmar community. At the heart of the experience was a demonstration of P&G’s award-winning Purifier of Watertechnology, which consists of sachets that convert dirty, potentially deadly water into clean and drinkable water within minutes.  The demonstration brought to life the simplicity ofPurifier of Water technology and communicated how P&G has effectively placed water purification directly in the hands of those most in need.

“With this event, we sought to not only communicate P&G’s technology story, but also bring the local community closer to the lives it has touched around the world,” said Ben Taylor, President of Jack Morton Asia-Pacific. “Myanmar is one of those regions poised for tremendous growth, yet there are challenges. Thankfully, our history and experience in the region allowed us to bring the brand closer to the people of Myanmar, as well as increased understanding and awareness of its mission there. We’re incredibly humbled to have been selected as the agency to support P&G on such an important initiative.”

With multiple offices across Asia Pacific including Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney and Melbourne, Jack Morton has helped many international brands such as P&G deliver messages to audiences throughout the region, including emerging markets such as Myanmar. Singapore’s infrastructure, talent pool and strategic business location makes it an ideal hub to reach out to neighboring South East Asian markets. These assets coupled with Jack Morton’s global network enable the Singapore office to support global brands hoping to build and establish presence in challenging markets. Working with in-market partners, Jack Morton leverages its expertise to upskill local talent and ensure cost effective yet high quality delivery for clients, as it did for P&G in Myanmar.

“Having worked in Myanmar before and being acutely aware of the challenges, I appreciate even more the level of excellence Jack Morton was able to lend to this event,” said Abhijit Dutta,  Senior Manager and Head, Government Relations & Public Policy (ASEAN and Global Development Markets – Asia), Procter & Gamble.