The dirt-cheap activity tracker and smart-device controller that can change how consumers experience your brand

Jack Blog

July 16th, 2015 By Jack Morton

Misfit, the company that launched its Flash activity tracker last year at a $50 price point—well below its competitors—is disrupting the market yet again.

The company announced today not only that they’re launching an even cheaper activity tracker, the Flash Link, which sells at $19.99, but also its Link app. Using the device’s built-in button, the app transforms the activity tracker into an all-in-one, Internet-of-Things controller.

Misfit offers a range of ways users can use the app to link their products, from a selfie button, to a music remote, and I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one to see all the things I can hack it to do. And at such a low cost, it doesn’t make sense not to.

But what’s even more exciting is all the ways this technology can connect brands to deliver meaningful experiences to consumers. Using the Flash’s sleep monitor and the Link app, you could have fresh coffee the moment you wake up by connecting it with a smart coffee pot. Or start brewing at the press of a button. Or receive a coupon to your favorite coffee shop.

While these are arguably possibilities we’ve already thought about with products like the Apple Watch, the Flash’s super-cheap price point makes this technology more of a reality for more people. You could be seeing a lot more of these at your events and in your stores, which means a lot more ways to connect.