Party better, party different with Desperados

Jack Blog

October 27th, 2014 By Jack Morton


“Party better, party different” is the theme for the three convention-twisting parties being coordinated with Jack Morton and a number of partnering agencies to promote the Heineken brand, Desperados in Europe.

Already held in London and Warsaw, with Milan soon approaching, the parties are an unconventional, multi-sensory experience designed to provide an unforgettable clubbing adventure for the 18 – 24 year old crowd.

Claudia Calori, global brand director for Desperados, said: “Party is a key occasion for us; at the same time many brands want to play within the party territory without a clear and ownable voice. We have partnered with Jack Morton and have turned the concept of “cool branded parties” upside down by putting people, and not the brand, at the centre of a unique experience. We want to create challenging journeys that can leave a mark on people’s memories as they will have done something totally unexpected. But only people who have a party instinct will take the most out of it.”

Now that sounds like a party!