5G Looking Glass

Ericsson 5G Looking Glass Interactive Experience

5G Looking Glass

Realizing the true potential of this incredible technology has only just begun.

To help customers and partners explore and understand the opportunities for 5G, Ericsson briefed Jack Morton to create an interactive experience that would reveal the innovative and sometimes surprising ways in which 5G can impact people’s lives.

The 5G Looking Glass is a magical experience that uses the power of Augmented Reality to bring a series of intriguing physical tableaus to life; from social VR at home to interactive billboards out on the street and augmented fan experiences at the football stadium. The experience underlines Ericsson’s innovative approach to technology as well as their understanding of the limitless possibilities that 5G can enable.

What’s more, the modular and flexible design of this technology experience meant that it could be easily reconfigured for Ericsson’s brand experience center, as well as trade shows such as MWC. A portable version has also been created.

The 5G Looking Glass has been successfully installed in Ericsson’s new flagship Experience Canter (also designed in collaboration with Jack Morton).

To date, the demo has featured in over 90 events, reaching an audience of more than 55,000 customers.


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