AreYouGone Trail

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AreYouGone Trail: Creating an 8bit retro game to tap into IT pros needs

AreYouGone Trail

Inspired by IT pros love for retro games

IT professionals are constantly targeted by traditional sales and marketing efforts, which they have learned to tune out. So how does Eaton – a power management company with only 17% market share – stand out in a sea of B2B content?

Inspired by IT pros love for retro games, Eaton created The AreYouGone Trail, an 8-bit mobile-first game where IT pros must conquer tech troubles in their quest for independence from the hassles of the modern-day workplace. This nostalgic reinterpretation of the cultural icon, Oregon Trail, educated IT pros about the importance of Eaton’s products and solutions. The game featured a cast of characters – a set of desk toys made popular from a previous Eaton campaign – in a dramatized western environment.


IT pros found our fun and unique approach to B2B marketing difficult to ignore. The average user spent 54 minutes engaging with the brand, resulting in an 18% lift in brand familiarity and more than 5k leads. This led to a ROI of 1024% and $2.56M in sales potential.

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