Be an Outsider at Work

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The first-ever outdoor co-working space: Be an Outsider at Work

Be an Outsider at Work

440% increase on social and 478 earned media placements.

L.L.Bean doesn’t only sell just duck boots and flannel shirts. The iconic 100-year-old brand helps people discover a shared joy of the outdoors with a plethora of products for all seasons.  But consumers gravitate toward the brand in colder weather, so we set out to change that perception.

Leaning into the brand’s promise, we took a hard look at what was stopping consumers from getting outdoors, particularly in the warmer months. The answer: work. More specifically, traditional desk jobs were a major obstacle.

Enter the groundbreaking Be an Outsider at Work campaign, the first ever outdoor co-working space. It was the perfect manifestation of L.L.Bean’s belief in the power of the shared (hence co-working) joy of the outdoors, coupled with a way to show consumers that the brand isn’t just affiliated with cold weather months.

Complete with free Wi-Fi, power hookups and fresh air, the spaces captured the imagination and calendars of our previously desk-bound consumers and press — including the front page of USA Today which praised the brand for starting a cultural movement. Interest in L.L.Bean skyrocketed, resulting in a 440% increase on social and 478 earned media placements.

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