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Building a content-driven customer loyalty breakthrough

Master This

A unique content marketing brand dedicated to resolving customers’ worries by making them the masters on all of life’s biggest worries, because “you worry less when you know more.”

At any given time, 39% of Liberty Mutual’s customers are shopping for a different carrier. It’s no surprise since the industry emphasizes ‘switch and save’ versus focusing on the full value insurance company’s deliver. So how do you prove the quality of the entire service and build customer retention? With a brand affinity campaign that demonstrates value.

We started by looking at the facts. Research showed that Liberty Mutual customers worry about what they can’t control. Their customers only trust one person to get the job done: themselves. So, we created MasterThis, a unique content marketing platform dedicated to making customers their own masters on life’s big concerns because “you worry less when you know more.”

MasterThis was a trusted publisher-style brand of content. To add credibility, a cool factor and an unbiased editorial expertise, we partnered with prominent digital and podcasting brand HowStuffWorks. We crafted MasterKits, collections of content on a given issue – sequential guides to take the user from worry to mastery. Then, we went above and beyond to show customers that “Liberty Stands With You” using this material throughout all customer touchpoints – social, email, advertising, sponsorships, direct mail, voice assistants and more. To get the right content to the right people at the right time, we used a combination of first, second, and third-party data to ensure the context was relevant – adding value and reducing worry, not adding to it.


In return, consumers showed their affinity in ways that dramatically exceeded our goals. Time on site increased 800% (4X our target goal), bounce rates were cut in half, 90% of customers were reached, and 75% of MasterThis users reported that they were likely to recommend the brand. The amount of mastery policyholders gained led to a lot less worry… and a lot more belief in the brand promise.

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