Better Living Forum

Better Living at Electrolux’s Headquarters

Better Living Forum

Life Pulse: A space to capture the essence of Electrolux as an enhancer of quality of life.

Electrolux’s Stockholm, Sweden headquarters houses over 1,500 full-time employees and a revolving door of partners and customers step through its building daily. The brand wanted to redesign its entire space to function as a coworking environment that reflected the lifestyle of the brand.

At the core of Electrolux is three values: Passion for Innovation, Customer Obsession and Drive for Results.  We needed to successfully translate these attributes into the space through unified storytelling and pragmatic design. We also needed to demonstrate how Electrolux enhances the lives of consumers through innovative products and services.

The result was the Better Living Forum – a permanent installation centered around the theme of dynamic functionality, meant to be experienced at every touchpoint. Dedicated areas that reflect real living spaces were created to represent “Taste”, “Care” and “Wellbeing” – – each visualized how Electrolux products influence day-to-day activities. Each of the spaces were also designed to be education centers, carefully integrated into the building’s existing workflow.

A fully functional kitchen, an open meeting space, large screens and glass structures to display new products all express transparency, elegance, functionality and community.


From start to finish, the project was completed in under one year. Annika Priou, VP Global Brand Development commented, “It was crucial for us to curate an experience that represents the essence of our family of brands. Jack Morton was not only able to capture this but execute it through a lens that truly embodies who we are.”

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