HERE Technologies

CES 2023

HERE Technologies CES 2023

CES 2023

Laying the building blocks for sustainable experiences

The global event industry sends over 500 million tons of waste to be landfilled or burnt each year. Everything is built to tear-down or throw away. It’s temporary, pop-up, and ultimately short-lived. Yet, live events like CES are an important sales channel for brands like HERE Technologies.

As the world’s #1 location platform and a brand committed to sustainability, HERE’s mission is to radically improve the way the world moves, lives and interacts.

So, at CES, HERE took the leap to design a better way. Their solution? A 100% reusable and re-designable modular LEGO-style system that would lay the building blocks for the future of events.

The HERE CES exhibit is a sustainable experience designed using a circular strategy of rethink, redesign, and repeat.

For over three years, HERE used the CES environment as a laboratory to test sustainable design ideas to reduce waste, optimize reusability, and limit transportation needs while never compromising the design. Everything from the building materials to the décor was designed with reuse and recycling in mind. Even the interactive story units – which HERE used to showcase their latest technology features – were designed using recyclable materials. The units were then transported to HERE’s visitors centers where they will continue to be of use until ultimately being recycled.


With this highly sustainable CES experience, HERE successfully demonstrated their commitment to sustainability in the event space. The use of a local storage facility helped to reduce car emissions and responsibly sourced materials and decorations helped to cut down on venue waste that would have otherwise ended up landfilled.

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