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Cold Reboot

We promoted Eaton’s software by launching a soft drink.

To raise awareness for Eaton’s power management software among a notoriously advertising-averse target (IT pros) we gave B2B marketing a refreshing twist. We promoted Eaton’s software by launching a soft drink.

Using the cultural insight that IT pros rely on energy drinks to power through long workdays (and nights), we created Cold Reboot, a never-before-seen Eaton-branded energy drink created exclusively for IT pros.

The drink was a spoof, but the benefits were real, with four flavor names and ingredients that tied directly to each of Eaton’s key software capabilities. ​

Media drove intrigued IT pros to our microsite, where they found their perfect software “flavor” with a fun and simple recommender tool that paired their needs to the right Eaton product. ​

The audience response was beyond enthusiastic, with IT pros spending an average of 5:03 learning about Eaton’s solutions, earning the brand 86.6% net new leads among leads generated and dramatically increasing requests for demos of Eaton’s software. In fact, IT pros were so enamored with our fake energy drink, we made Cold Reboot into a real, drinkable beverage to the delight of our clients and IT pros everywhere.


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