Create 2023

Canva Create 2023: A Brand New Era

Create 2023

An experience that let people take their #canvalove into the workspace

Canva’s brand purpose is to empower the world to design. And to be a force for good while doing it. Already successful with personal consumer use, Canva wanted to shift beyond this to large-scale organizations. To succeed, they needed to step onto the global stage and create a narrative that would draw enterprise in without alienating their existing audience.

Driven by the insight that Canva lovers work everywhere, we built an experience that let people take their #canvalove into the workspace with A Brand New Era of design for Canva Create 2023. This concept became a philosophy and experiential lynchpin with a narrative from personal to professional, where everyone can design.

Our experiential framework was the ‘visual timeline’ that walked people through different eras of design and ultimately anchored us in a Brand New Era across design, motion, content and every activation element.

We delivered a 90-minute keynote, a magical experience-driven streetscape and virtual global broadcast experience that let people get the latest product announcements and immediately start playing with the new features, live. This connected with our audience in a meaningful way that translated to huge engagement both IRL, online and in media.


Canva Create 2023 received media coverage with over 100 global headlines in publications such as Bloomberg, Fast Company, Forbes, TechCrunch and The Verge. 1.5m people registered for the live stream event and it generated 512k recast views on YouTube. And the #canvacreate achieved a social reach of 21.7m people.

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