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Democratic Debate Set

cbs 2020 debate broadcast tv set
Up for debate. A design for CBS News with a bold perspective.

Democratic Debate Set

The last primary debate prior to Super Tuesday.

For their first outing on the primary debate circuit, CBS News sought a bold and dynamic set design that would incorporate their “America Decides” election branding. Broadcasted live from the theatrical stage at the Gaillard Center Performance Hall in Charleston, the set for the South Carolina Democratic Debate  the last primary debate prior to Super Tuesday  was designed with forced perspective in mind.

We lined both sides of the stage with three L-shaped LED towers whose heights descended and angled inwards towards the candidates, creating a “forced perspective” that automatically drew the eyes to center stage.  Angular digital graphics on the towers helped increase the effect.

An elevated platform was placed between the pillars with seven backlit, removable podiums. As the number of candidates was subject to change at any time, the podiums and their placements had to be adaptable. A curved video wall located behind the candidates displayed red, white and blue banner graphics along with a cycle of network and debate partner logos including CBS and the Congressional Black Caucus Institute. Above the video wall, rows of red and blue lights were installed along with the CBS News 2020 “America Decides” election logo.

Lastly, a freestanding five-person anchor desk was placed on stage facing the candidates with horizontal LED lines and a bold CBS News “America Decides” logo, placing CBS’ election branding front and center for the live broadcast.

The Democratic debate in South Carolina was watched by 15.3M viewers on CBS and BET.

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