Enter the Dimension

Binance Enter the Dimension

Enter the Dimension

Introducing, the first-ever concert fan experience created in Web3.

As a leading blockchain services provider and the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance is dedicated to increasing the freedom of money. To build brand and product awareness around the world, Binance partnered with one of the biggest names in music to sponsor his global tour.

So, we set out to create a one-of-a-kind, headline worthy experience that would establish Binance as a cryptocurrency leader and showcase the adoption of Web3 – the next iteration of the internet built on blockchain technology.

Introducing, the first-ever concert fan experience created in Web3. Enter the Dimension.  This global, integrated campaign was the ultimate fan experience that introduced fans to a whole new dimension of music. Fans could indulge in a digital portal that featured a concert themed face filter, a web3 puzzle game, and a bespoke metaverse adventure to win merchandise and free concert tickets. An influencer unboxing campaign helped to. further build excitement and drive traffic to the portal.

To engage live concert goers, we created one of the world’s largest AR sculptures, inspired by the Binance logo. Showcased at 10 concert venues across the world, this eye-catching cube unlocked an AR game to win merchandise, whilst driving new sign-ups to Binance’s platform. ​​


The campaign generated over 1 billion social impressions and 99% positive sentiment proving that the experience strongly resonated with music fans. It also garnered a total +41,000 new Binance impressions and +401,000 concert impressions.

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