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Expo 2020 Dubai | Saudi Coffee Week

Expo 2020 Dubai | Saudi Coffee Week
Saudi-driven international celebration of coffee at Expo

Expo 2020 Dubai | Saudi Coffee Week

The year of Arabic coffee experience inspired and educated people about coffee traditions

Across Expo 2020 Dubai, we were appointed as the lead creative programming and content partner + master calendarization partner for all Kingdom-related activities across the six-month mega-event.  As part of our remit, we organized a week to honor 2021, the Year of Arabic Coffee – as outlined by the Ministry of Culture. The week inspired and educated the public about Saudi coffee and traditions and invited other international participants with strong coffee traditions such as Honduras, Columbia, and Australia among others to attend. 

The week consisted of an Arabic majlis at the Open Square of the Pavilion featuring a large KSA stand, and smaller international participant stands with product & accessory sales, sampling and display, traditional majlis seating and large-scale screen graphics, seamlessly incorporating the Saudi Folklore Performance Group’s regular performances.  Workshops and tastings were also held at Sard Café at the basement of the Pavilion Hundreds of visitors stopped by the experience which received multiple transactions daily. The event highlight video received over 800K views.  


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