2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

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Helping Google Showcase Their Latest AI Technology to China's Industry Leaders

2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Google’s AI Exhibition – spanning 2,000 square meters and featuring 14 interactive activities

Challenge and Insight

The 2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), China’s inaugural AI Summit bringing together some of the largest tech brands globally, was held in Shanghai. The conference featured top-tier AI scientists and entrepreneurs from China’s tech giants for discussions on AI’s latest technological frontiers and industrial applications.


Create a unique experience for visitors that showcases Google’s latest AI developments — through keynotes, an interactive AI Exhibition and the AI Park, which featured the newest technology from across multiple industries.


A key highlight of the summit was Google’s AI Exhibition – spanning 2,000 square meters and featuring 14 interactive activities that demonstrated the application of AI in the fields of arts & culture, education, music and entertainment. Interactive engagements included:

  • Art Camera: allowed visitors to appreciate every detail of an art piece with a one-billion-pixel camera
  • Art Palette: enabled visitors to unveil the color composition of any picture and find other artworks in those color schemes
  • Interactive Shadow Play: allowed visitors to create their favorite animal through hand gestures
  • Tilt Brush: immersed visitors in a 3D painting and allowing them to add their personal touch to artwork
  • Guess My Sketch: recognized visitors’ drawings through Google’s AI network
  • AI Duet: analyzed any music played on the piano
  • Draw to Art: allowed visitors to showcase their masterpiece at the exhibition with fellow visitors



  • 78,767 visitors during 18 days

Guest satisfaction

  • 92% guests would recommend the event to others
  • 4.1 (out of 5.0) satisfactory score per sampling survey
  • 93% satisfaction rate per review on local review site Dianping
  • Approximately 50% of the surveyed audience learned about AI Exhibition from word of mouth


  • 54M exposures + 37.3M page views
  • 115 earned media clippings
  • 14% total aided awareness for consumers in Tiers 1-3, ages 16+
  • 14,376 new followers to Google’s official accounts
  • 177,819 people registered for Google AI Exhibition online
  • 23% of visitors learned about the exhibition from Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
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