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CES 2018

Raising brand awareness and clarity for HERE at the world's largest consumer electronics show.

CES 2018

At CES, we saw a clear opportunity to unify the whole brand under one vision and experience, and use it to raise brand awareness.


HERE is the world leader in location data collection and intelligence. But due to its history and B2B focus, they are challenged with brand awareness and clarity.

CES has become the pivot platform for technology companies. Yet in previous CES shows, visitors were confused by HERE’s offering and the brand itself, as it is omnipresent, but never visible. So in 2018, HERE set out to step up, raise brand awareness and engage relevant conversations with visitors, press and analysts.

Our task became to create and design the HERE exhibit for CES18 to impress the visitor, raise brand awareness and allow brand and product exploration.


As a company that has grown by acquisition, HERE is highly fragmented and can benefit from one unique vision and experience.

HERE is a company present everywhere. It is in 3 out of 5 new car GPS systems, powers DHL logistics and Facebook location services. Yet few can clearly explain what HERE does, even internally.

At CES, we saw a clear opportunity to unify the whole brand under one vision and experience, and use it to raise brand awareness.


HERE provides a clear unified brand experience organized from vision to solutions, among one path and one visual experience.

So we designed an exploratory path that allows the audience to visualize and feel HERE’s vision: the Reality Index.


The brand communication strategy was crafted to allow for multiple levels of engagement along one linear and logical path:

Attraction – The Hyperloop was displayed outside to attract the audience and provide a flagship example of HERE technology application. Its exterior architecture provided a sense of confidence and simplicity, inspired by the HERE logo.

Introduction to the vision – The first element facing entering guests was the Autonomous World media wall. This provided a window into tomorrow’s world by showcasing HERE’s technologies in action in a futuristic city.

Engagement – The core of HERE: by walking behind the Autonomous World media wall, guests discovered the core of HERE: The Open Location Platform demo table. The demo is both physically and figuratively centered, providing a deep dive into HERE’s platform. It radiated with data linking the demo table to all demos around the room via an immersive data real-time visualization.

Deep dive – The Demos: Although each demo opens a very specific window into HERE capabilities, the entire demo space was unified by the immersive data flow, a visual experience reacting to the audience.

Conversation – The HERE Lounges: Two lounge spaces, 170 square meters in total, provided the audience with comfortable ways to continue discussions, connecting 120 square meters of meeting rooms together for easy logistics and a seamless visitor experience.


The booth garnered 16,000+ visitors – more than 10% of CES’s audience – surpassing predicted KPIs of customer meetings, demo tours and customer leads captured.
And we used different techniques to measure the impact and ROI of the booth, including surveys and facial recognition.


  • One survey sampled 400 guests over the entire duration of the show.
  • Another was done hourly on the HERE demo staff, to collect demo data such as time, duration and depth of the demo.
  • A post-show survey was sent to a significant sample of visitors to measure the perception of the brand.

Face recognition:

  • A face recognition camera system counted all unique visitors entering and exiting the booth.

Interviews revealed a shift of awareness. Overall, HERE CES 2018 was declared a full success by all HERE executives based on press and analysts return.

The CES 2019 edition will be fully measured in order to compare evolution YoY with 2018 and 2017.

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