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Eaton CPDI Hobbies b2b marketing case study
Eaton CPDI Hobbies


Less downtime. More you time.

To stay top-of-mind with their IT pro audience and bridge the gap to larger brand initiatives happening later in the year, Eaton wanted a creative solution that could be in market fast.

We needed an experience that would engage their legendarily hard-to-reach, cynical audience. But we didn’t have the usual runway—or budget—needed to create the sort of digital-first gaming experience delivered in our previous campaigns.

As a power management leader, Eaton’s brand promise is to help IT professionals reduce downtime so their infrastructure—and organizations—run smoother. As a brand, they pride themselves on relating to IT pros as people, not just B2B consumers. Our insight was simple: when you have less downtime, you have more time for whatever makes you, well, you. We had our rallying cry: Less downtime. More you time.

Rather than focusing strictly on business benefits—which all our competitors also do—our campaign celebrated the quirky personalities of IT pros and whimsical ways they spend their free time. We created the first-ever Connected TV spot for the brand to serve as our campaign anthem. What’s more, we didn’t just promise IT pros more “you time,” we gave them just that, with IT-themed puzzles and riddles in mobile rich media and organic social formats that appealed to IT pros’ intellectual curiosity and playful competitiveness—and gave them well-deserved brain breaks.

IT pros weren’t just engaged, they were excited. People were commenting across various social media channels and engaging with the puzzle ad units even after the answer was already revealed, coming back week after week to solve the next puzzle. A little you time goes a long way.


Our Hobbies campaign set new benchmarks with an engagement rate of 46%, exceeding the software and website vertical benchmarks by 80%. It also helped us increase brand consideration through unique IT marketing experience content which garnered 6.9 million completed video views with a 75% average video completion rate.

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