Infinite Experience

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A-Mazing. Samsung’s Infinite Experience wows consumers at every turn.

Infinite Experience

A shape shifting sustainable design captures the innovation of an iconic brand.

For Samsung, launching a new device requires a new approach. Every year, the brand invests in a number of experiences, large and small, across Australia showcasing its latest product line. But each year, the brand was constantly reinventing the wheel and consistency and efficiency was lacking. For the new S10, we helped Samsung take a new more sustainable approach: Enter the Samsung Infinite Experience, a 100% reusable and customizable environment with an infinite number of configurations.

The reusable, creative platform was unique to Samsung but also adaptable to environments of different shapes and sizes.

The maze like structure was designed to entice people to come inside and discover a host of mini experiences. Whether the footprint was big or small, the Infinite Experience was the perfect solution to meet all of Samsung’s needs wherever the brand showed up.

With this experience, we introduced new audiences to the magic of the S10 device range and stole the show at every location.  Our immersive demonstrations more than doubled the rate of quality engagements, putting a greater amount of product in the hands of people. They stuck around too. We helped the brand achieve a significantly higher dwell time (over 60sec average) meaning people absorbed the Samsung brand for much longer than at previous experiences.

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