CES Activation

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Innovating through human connection

CES Activation

This activation was a reflection of how Facebook’s digital innovation can strengthen and support human connection.

In late 2019, Facebook announced a rebrand that artistically acknowledges its portfolio of brands (Instagram, Messengers, WhatsApp, etc.). As the first major event of the year, CES 2020 was the perfect opportunity for it to bring this rebrand to life and unveil its latest product innovations.  


Facebook is a tech company, but they’re also a human company with values rooted in connection, optimism and community so we designed a physical environment that demonstrated Facebook’s empathetic approach to innovation through the use of mirrors, natural materials and textures, video content, and the soft glow of its new color palette.  


A central welcome moment called Reflect to Connect sparked a conversation about perspective and self-reflection – as people, as brands and as a community. And our Messenger Flower Bar showcased how Facebook’s intuitive digital technology can help build and strengthen relationships by allowing attendees to order flowers for a friend or loved one.  


With this experience, we immersed attendees in a story of reflection – of the brand, its customers and humanity. We focused on the desire to connect, to be seen, to build community, to create, to inspire one another and be the best versions of our selves. And it worked. Facebook’s head of event marketing and global event programs, Erin Himel, Global Event Programs, declared, “that was arguably one of our smoothest on-the-ground experiences…. Thank you for thinking of every single detail and representing us so well.”

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